The Brothers Grimm told fairy tales and it scared kids. The Brothers Booth tell real ghost stories and it scares EVERYBODY.

Spooked, DVD review. A paranormal documentary by the Booth Brothers. A great addition to your collection.

The Brothers Grimm told fairy tales and it scared kids. The Brothers Booth tell real ghost stories and it scares EVERYBODY.

If you haven't read my review of The Booth Brother's "Death Tunnel" please do so. Also read about their other paranormal documentary "The Possessed". There is also another paranormal documentary entitled "Children of the Grave" I will be posting my review of that in a few days.

Spooked The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium: This documentary came about while the filming of the above mentioned movie "Death Tunnel" was in producton at Waverly Hills sanatorium. The cast and crew experienced several incidences of paranormal activity.

The Documentary: Filmed at the sanatorium, the film is full of scenes from the hospital's past. Photos are shown from the days when Waverly was full of people infected with TB. It talks about the treatment that was administered such as setting the patients out in the open air, even in the snow, on the top floor which was open to the outside. There are photos of people from every walk of life. Some very ill and near death and others just starting out on their journey.

The lucky ones had visitors. Family was allowed to visit from behind glass. Children are shown (and one of the spirits that persists at the hospital is apparently a child that likes to role a ball.) One of the best things about a Booth Brother's Documentary is that they always have people who were involved to interview. (Most documentaries do have interviews, but let me remind you, waverly opened in '1910 and closed once and for all in 1980 while it was a geriatrics center. It hadn't been a TB hospital since 1961 and they still found people alive to interview, amazing.) We see interviews of patients who had been there, families of patients and also former employees. Many of them either wouldn't or couldn't take about the ghostly aspect of the hospital. But the ones that did talk said loud and clear that Waverly, even back then had some other worldly visitations.
There were reportedly suicides of a few nurses, stories aren't exactly clear, but that is the way of history, it gets clouded over time. However, some former employees and patients do confirm that there was at least one.

Even the outside of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is haunted . Security guards report seeing "creature like" things (for lack of a better word) scurrying around in the forest. And of course, the scariest and most haunted place in the hospital, the "Body chute", or "Death Tunnel". This was an exit from within the hospital where orderlies removed bodies from the hospital to the back of the property to be transported to morgues etc. There were thousands of people's remains removed through this tunnel. Everything from gasping for breath, disembodies voices to bumps and more have been heard and even recorded in this tunnel or chute.

You won't find a better paranormal documentary. I have a large collection and some of them are very good. However, the brothers seem to have a personal touch, they are passionate about their films and it shows in the finished product.

By Terra King, Las Vegas Film Examiner.